How turmeric helped Roz stay active

We’ve been keeping an eye out recently for exciting stories from our customers, so we were delighted to talk to Roz Palmer, a Cambridgeshire local who had a fantastic experience with Turmeric+.

In fact, we were so happy after hearing her story that we thought you should hear it too!

Roz is a busy person who likes to visit the gym and take long walks, including walking holidays with her sons. So when she was hit with back issues it caused her no end of trouble. It stopped her from being active – she even struggled to stand upright.

Doctors could tell there was something wrong but were unable to find the exact cause. After eighteen months, she was at her wit’s end.

‘Physiotherapy and osteotherapy didn’t help for any length of time. A trial of anti-inflammatory pills did, but my mum ended up with ulcerative colitis as a result of taking ibuprofen long-term so I didn’t want to take them on a permanent basis,’ she says.

‘My mum had heard about Turmeric+ and suggested that I had nothing to lose by trying it. I thought I’d give it a go, but didn’t suppose it would work.’

Helping Roz would be no easy task: whenever she turned over at night her back would wake her up; it could take several minutes of careful preparation to get out of bed each day; and standing still for just 30 seconds could result in discomfort.

Yet after three weeks of taking Turmeric+ things began to change.

‘Since I’ve taken the turmeric it’s like a whole new world for me. I feel better during the day, but the night time is the main thing – I’m not waking up. At work, I’m not hanging on to desks to get from one place to another anymore.’


‘I thought the chances of turmeric being this good were low, so I’ve been terribly impressed by it,’ says Roz. ‘Keeping mobile is key to helping my back and Turmeric+ helps me to do that.’

‘Although it’s not a complete solution, my movement has improved no end. I can climb hills with my sons again!’

We’re so pleased for Roz, and for the other people who have left reviews for Turmeric+ on Trustpilot after similar experiences. If it has helped you too, why not share your own experience?

Turmeric+ contains a patented formulation of curcuminoids, vitamin C and lecithin. The vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of cartilage, while the unique combination of lecithin and curcumin improves absorption of the active ingredient in turmeric by 3,000%.

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