Where to buy Ateronon

Ateronon - 'the tomato pill', Ateronon XY and Ateronon Active are all available to buy exclusively from FutureYouHealth.com under the new monikers of ATERONON HEARTXY PRO and TURMERIC+.

Ateronon products used to be sold in Holland and Barretts, Boots and supermarkets however, as a small business it was not possible for us to maintain our contracts with third party retailers. We found that the demands placed on small manufacturers of high quality products were unreasonable and we didn't want to compromise on the quality of our products. We also felt that we could better serve our customers by speaking directly with them.

We also no longer sell through online marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay. We can't confirm if any of the products listed on such websites were originally purchased from us. To ensure that you are getting original Ateronon products at the best price, order directly from us via our website, by phone on 01223 750 874 or by post. 

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