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What is CBD used for?

Thanks to word-of-mouth and media coverage, CBD is an increasingly popular supplement. But why are people taking it?

Cannabidiol (CBD), derived from the leaves of the hemp plant, is becoming available in more and more countries as its legal status and effects are clarified.

Research is ongoing into the effects of CBD, but we know that it has no psychoactive effect.

Tight regulation of the UK supplement industry means that we are unable to discuss specific uses for CBD oil, but fortunately there is an abundance of information on the internet.

If you are interested, we suggest searching online for ‘CBD oil’ or 'cannabidiol' to find out whether this supplement is right for you. As with researching anything on the internet, there is a wealth of conflicting information. For this reason we would strongly recommend that you seek information from respected scientific sources. For example, you may wish to search for clinical data or studies from internationally respected academic institutions.

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