lycopene is commonly found in tomatoes

LactoLycopene: clinical evidence for effectiveness

Human clinical study 1

A food-based formulation provides lycopene with the same bioavailability to humans as that from tomato paste. Richelle M et al., J Nutr 2002 Mar; 132 (3): 404-8

This randomised single-blind placebo-controlled study involved 33 healthy subjects (aged 21—58). The aim was to compare the bioavailability of a new formulation, where lycopene extract was combined with whey protein (LactoLycopene). Results of the study show that after eight weeks of supplementation, plasma concentration of lycopene of subjects within the LactoLycopene or tomato paste (positive control) groups were very similar, and they both were significantly different from placebo group.

Read the full study at The Journal of Nutrition

Human clinical study 2

Effects of oral lycopene supplementation on vascular function in patients with cardiovascular disease and healthy volunteers: a randomised controlled trial. Gajendragadkar PR et al., PLOS ONE 2014 Jun 9; 9(6): e99070

This randomised double-blind placebo-controlled parallel clinical trial involved 72 subjects (36 healthy volunteers, 36 statin-treated cardiovascular patients). The study investigated the effects of lycopene on the vasculature of cardiovascular disease patients and in healthy volunteers. The study demonstrated that endothelial function is impaired in patients with cardiovascular disease, and that this was improved by oral supplementation of lycopene.

Read the full study at PLOS One

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