Pregnancy and baby forums – understanding the language

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Whether you’re trying for your first baby or you’re an experienced parent, pregnancy and parenting forums could help.

If you have a question about conception, pregnancy or parenting, there is almost certainly someone on a popular message board who can give you an answer, or share their own experience of the same issue.

However, forums can be difficult to read – it sometimes feels as if people are writing to one another in a private code. So, to help you communicate, we’ve prepared a list of the most popular acronyms.

AC – Agnus castus/Assisted conception

ADN – Any day now

AF – Aunt Flo (period)

AI – Artificial insemination

AP – Attachment parenting

ARP – Assisted reproductive technology

BBT – Basal body temperature

BC – Birth control/Before children

BCP – Birth control pill

BD – Baby dancing (sex)

BF – Breastfeeding

BFN – Big fat negative (pregnancy test)

BFP – Big fat positive

BLW – Baby–led weaning

BM – Breast milk/Birth mother

BP – Blood pressure/Birth plan

CB – Clearblue (pregnancy test)

CC – Controlled crying (sleep training for babies)

CD – Cycle day

CF – Cervical fluid

CIO – Cry it out (sleep training for babies)

CM – Cervical mucus

CP – Chemical pregnancy/Chicken pox

CS – Caesarian section

DC – Dear/Darling child

DD – Dear/Darling daughter

DH – Dear/Darling husband

DI – Donor insemination

DF – Dear/Darling father

DS – Dear/Darling son

DI – Donor insemination

DPO – Days past ovulation

DTD – Doing the deed/doing the dance (sex)

D&V – Diarrhoea and vomiting

EBF – Exclusively breastfeeding

EBM – Expressed breast milk

EDD – Estimated due date

EBF – Exclusively breastfeeding/Extended breastfeeding

ELCS – Elective caesarean section

EMCS – Emergency caesarean section

EN – Extended nursing

EP – Ectopic Pregnancy

EPO – Evening primrose oil

EPT – Early pregnancy test

ER – Egg retrieval

ET – Embryo transfer

EWCM – Egg white cervical mucus

FET – Frozen embryo transfer

FF – Formula feeding/Front facing (car seat)

FMU – First morning urine (for pregnancy test)

FTM – First time mum

FR – First response

GD – Gestational diabetes

GTC – Going to conceive

GTT – Glucose tolerance test

GYN – Gynaecologist

HPT – Home pregnancy test

HV – Health visitor

IC – Incompetent cervix

IUI – Intrauterine insemination

IVF – In vitro fertilisation

LAM – lactational amenorrhoea method (birth control)

LH – Luteinising hormone

LMP – Last menstrual period

LO – Little one

LP – Luteal phase

L&D – Labour and delivery

MC – Miscarriage

ML – Maternity leave

MM – Mother’s milk

MMC – Missed miscarriage

MS – Morning sickness

MW – Midwife

NAK – Nursing at keyboard (breastfeeding while posting)

NFP – Natural family planning (birth control method)

NTNP – Not trying, not preventing

O – Ovulation

OB – Obstetrician

OH – Other half

OHSS – Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome

OPK – Ovulation predictor kit

OV – Ovulation

PCO – Polycystic ovaries

PCOS – Polycystic ovary syndrome

PFB – Precious firstborn

PG – Pregnant

PMA – Positive mental attitude

POAS – Pee on a stick (take a pregnancy test)

POF – Premature ovarian failure

PPD – Postpartum depression

PUPO – Pregnant until proven otherwise

RE – Reproductive endocrinologist

RF – Rearward facing (car seat)

SAHD/M/P – Stay–at–home mum/dad/parent

SD – Sperm donor

SPD – Symphisis pubis dysfunction

SW – Starting weight

TTC – Trying to conceive

UCL – Usual cycle length

UPSI – Unprotected sexual intercourse

US – Ultrasound

VB – Vaginal birth

VBAC – Vaginal birth after caesarean

VE – Vaginal examination

WAH – Working–at–home mother/parent

WOH – Working–out–of–home mother/parent

1WW – One week wait between ovulation and period

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