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How much do you really know about fertility?

We bet you feel like you know a bit about this. But you’d be surprised by some little-known factors can affect fertility. So how savvy are you?

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What is ‘poor quality sperm’, exactly?

According to the NHS, poor quality sperm is the most common cause of male infertility – but what does this mean?

What exactly is poor quality semen?

How can I improve my sperm quality?

Environmental and lifestyle factors are responsible for a significant drop in sperm quality over the past 40 years. Discover how to influence your sperm quality through small lifestyle changes.


FERTILITY5050: the results of our study

We asked 2,052 men and women to share their knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about conception in our 50-question survey. The results were surprising.

FERTILTY5050 survey summary

What causes issues with sperm quality?

There are multiple factors that can affect your sperm quality. Some you can easily positively affect with some small changes.

What causes poor sperm quality?


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