Turmeric Powered Triathlete heads to World Triathlon Grand Final


Triathlete Jane Paterson-Todd is heading to the ITU World Triathlon Grand Final in Rotterdam with her own spicy tonic for success, turmeric!

Jane, from Newmarket has qualified for the end of season spectacular, which will feature leading athletes such as Jonny Brownlee, of the gold medal winning Brownlee brothers.

It is a remarkable achievement for an athlete who only took up competitive triathlons less than a year ago.

There is added prestige for Jane as she has secured her first ever sponsorship deal with Cambridge based supplement brand FutureYou.

FutureYou are famous for their curcumin supplement Turmeric+, which has been studied at leading intuitions institutions such as the Olympic Research Centre in Barcelona.

Turmeric has long been popular in traditional Indian medicine and is recognised as one of nature’s super foods. The spice, a member of the ginger family, is rich in compounds called curcuminoids and is now attracting the attention of scientists, nutritionists and healthcare professionals looking for ways to improve our joint health and flexibility.

Chris Meaney, Head of Marketing for the Cambridge based supplements brand said ‘We are delighted to be supporting Jane in her first World Championship finals. It is amazing to think that a year ago she had never competed in a triathlon and now she is representing the country. As Jane was using FutureYou supplements as part of her training, the partnership seemed a perfect fit.’

After achieving such a rapid rise in the sport, securing a sponsorship deal with FutureYou tops off a very successful year. Jane qualified for the finals with a 3rd place finish in a qualifying event held in Redcar at the end of July.

Paterson-Todd said, ‘I am delighted have secured sponsorship from FutureYou. I have been using their products as part of my training regime, so to gain support from a company that I believe in is fantastic.’

Paterson-Todd will fly out to Rotterdam on Thursday ready to compete in the event on Sunday.  As for tactics, Paterson-Todd is keeping tight lipped ‘I do have an idea of a game plan.  I’ve never been a triathlete before so that will play both for and against me.  I am a cyclist first and foremost so that will perhaps stand me in good stead tactically in that section.  But equally, there will be bits I am not so strong at on other sections.

Everyone who is at the event is very good – you have to be to qualify.  Who knows what will happen.  I have an idea of where I would like to finish. I’m keeping that to myself.  It really is just a great honour to be there at all.  It’s somewhere a year ago, I couldn’t have imagined I’d be.’

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