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  • Anne's Story: See how TURMERIC+ helped Anne pursue her passions

    Anne Evans Banner

    When your passions in life revolve around being active, looking after yourself becomes vitally important, especially as we get older. This is how dressage and fitness enthusiast Anne Evans came to discover the power of turmeric. Anne, aged 57 from Cirencester, has been riding horses for 20 years as well as having a keen interest in gardening. Despite Anne leading an active lifestyle, she began to find her joints were not quite what they used to be.

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  • Exercises to improve posture and aid lower back complaints

    banner yoga Dietary supplements are a great way to boost your nutrition.  However, they must always be used alongside a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise.  This is often easier said than done if you are suffering from joint issues or lower back pain.

    Fenella Lindsell, an instructor from a busy yoga practice in London, walks us through an easy and accessible video yoga sequence which helps to reduce symptoms and discomfort from back pain.

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  • Turmeric makes gardening easy kneesy for Dawn



    As every keen gardener knows, kneeling down is part and parcel of the job, so it is essential to be able to comfortably bend your knees.

    Being an enthusiastic horticulturist, it is only fitting that Dawn Schier has discovered the power of turmeric, a root spice that is commonly grown in southern India.

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  • Top tips for making small steps toward a big difference

    Walking Top Tips

    So, we've explained how walking is incredibly good for your health. It can aid your heart and brain as well as helping you maintain a healthy weight. Let's also not forget that it's really enjoyable. Not only do you get out and about, it can be used as a great social activity. Here are our top tips for enjoying a stroll in the great outdoors.  Continue reading

  • National Walking Month: Top 8 reasons to walk for 20 minutes a day


    Walking is a gentle, low-impact exercise that’s easy, free and available to everyone. Not only can it do amazing things for your health, it can be a great social activity too. Here is why we at FutureYou are getting behind National Walking Month.

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  • Revitalise and Detox for the New Year

    As we enter another new year, we reflect on the past and look ahead as to how we might make 2017 better than last year. By setting resolutions and goals we attempt to re-programme our lives and detox after after a period of festivity and excess.

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  • Warming Winter Wake-Up

    Yoga is for everyone, it’s versatile, adaptable and suitable for all age groups. You don’t need to be naturally flexible, and most people don’t fit that category anyway, which is why yoga is such a good friend to take onwards in life!

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    If you’re taking off to a tropical destination this summer, sauntering into Europe, or holidaying closer to home, there’s a good chance you’ll be seated in a vehicle for an extended period of time.

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  • Turmeric spices up Fenella's Life

    When your joints and muscles earn you a living, it’s important to look after them as well as you can. This is how Yoga instructor Fenella Lindsell discovered the power of turmeric.

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    Our modern lifestyles are a pain in the neck – literally! Working at a desk all day and craning our necks to read our phones causes pain, discomfort and stiffness in the neck and shoulders that can manifest into long term problems.

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