Service Excellence Award: Why Customer Care Matters

Friday night was the grand final of this year’s SME National Business Awards, hosted at Wembley Stadium. We competed for the Wembley and Delaware North Service Excellence Award.

We’re very proud to have competed! It was great to see so many amazing companies in our category this year, and we hope to come back again in 2019 to contest the title.

Putting together the award entry really made us think about why providing the best service is so important to us. We knew going into the awards that good service is about more than winning trophies or differentiating ourselves from the competition.

There’s something much more important at stake every time we talk to one of you. But what is it? After thinking long and hard, we realised that it is a matter of trust.

As a supplement company, we sell a product that many people really depend upon. Every single time that you buy from us, you are trusting us with their health. You are depending on us to give helpful and honest information.

We know that’s true, because a large percentage of our orders are over the phone. Our Customer Care team has got to know many of you personally over the years, so we’re aware of just how important these supplements can be to your quality of life.

Moreover, many people need more than just facts about our products. Health can be a sensitive subject.

Sometimes people are going through a tough time. Sometimes they need somebody to listen to their worries. At other times, they might need a completely honest view on which product is right for them, or they might be in a hurry and just want to complete a purchase in a quick and efficient fashion.

Whatever it is, we aim to provide it through our customer service. That’s why we don’t have limits on call times, we don’t use scripts, and we try to answer every single call as quickly as possible. Every conversation is a real conversation.

Care and service really matters to our customers, and it matters to us as well – because it’s our business, and because we’re all human beings.

You’re trusting us with your health, so whatever it is that you need, we want to be there for you. It’s our way to repay that trust.

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