• What is Hypertension?

    Hypertension is a chronic condition also known as high blood pressure. Blood pressure is the force of our blood pushing against the arterial walls as it is pumped around the body. Our arteries are made of muscle and semi- flexible tissues and the higher the blood pressure the more our arteries will be stretched, leading to a weakness in the arterial wall. Continue reading

  • What is lycopene and its benefits

    Ateronon Tablets Lycopene SupplementLycopene is a pigment found in the skin of tomatoes. In its natural state, the Lycopene crystalline structure is difficult for the body to absorb in large quantities. Lycopene in tomatoes is more readily absorbed when they are cooked in olive oil, however you would have to eat 1 kg every day to absorb the optimum amount of lycopene.

    Numerous scientific studies have found that having lycopene in the body can result in positive health benefits. Continue reading

  • Great news - a weekend lie in is good for your heart

    Turn off the alarm, keep the curtains drawn and roll over for a few extra hour's sleep - it will reduce your blood pressure and be good for your heart. If ever you needed an excuse for a lie in now you have the perfect 'official' one - a study claims it can reduce your blood pressure by up to 39%! Continue reading

  • Lycopene in the Mediterranean diet keeps your heart healthy

    Medical experts believe lycopene found in tomatoes could have a variety of health benefits. The diet involves enjoying monounsaturated fats, plant proteins, fish, tomatoes and whole grains in favour of red meat, refined grains and sweets, with a moderate intake of alcohol. The benefits are from the main antioxidant component lycopene, the red pigment found in sun-ripened tomato skins. Continue reading

  • Exercise for energy-boosting endorphins

    During exercise the body releases endorphins, the naturally produced chemical was discovered by biologists in the 1970s. We explore the effect they have on the body during exercise, and why they are so important.  Continue reading

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