• Want to train harder? Try turmeric

    Research has shown a new benefit for turmeric, the wonder spice commonly used to flavour popular curries – it’s giving elite and amateur athletes an edge over the competition.

    For a long time, it has been known that turmeric contains curcumin, which helps the body in several ways. TURMERIC+ is an especially effective supplement, combining turmeric and vitamin C to assist with collagen formation to support cartilage function.

    Now we know that curcumin also helps with normal muscle function after high intensity exercise.

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  • How kefir could help your health

    According to the old saying, ‘you are what you eat’; but it’s your gut that turns healthy food into fuel. With the right balance of microorganisms, a healthy gut will help you to maintain a healthy body – but what is the best way to achieve this?

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  • Help out your heart with five ways to boost circulation

    At the beginning of February, we decided to make this our ‘heart month’ – and not just because of Valentine’s Day.

    Did you know that your heart beats around 100,000 times every 24 hours? It’s important to consider how to keep this hard-working muscle healthy.

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  • Is Krill the key to omega-3?

    Last week, we were excited to be featured in a news story that highlighted some benefits of omega-3 and described Krill Oil by FutureYou as the most concentrated krill oil supplement available.

    The story was used by the press after new research was published from the University of Amsterdam and University of Leiden. The findings reinforced the importance of having high levels of omega-3 in our blood. Omega-3 fatty acids are present in oily fish, and it is known that regularly getting enough through your diet is important for long-term health.

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  • Cut down on those late winter colds!

    Streaming nose, achy joints, a hacking cough – we think colds are the worst part of winter. But for some of us, a winter illness isn’t just unpleasant and irritating. It can be life-threatening.

    The over-65s, pregnant women and those with underlying health or immune system illnesses are vulnerable to flu, and serious complications such as pneumonia. So it’s good to hear that the winter flu outbreak is about to diminish.

    But it will be a while before warm weather drives away the winter bugs for good. So why not take one simple step to protect yourself?

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  • January is the time for you

    Christmas is over, and it’s a shock to the system. But that doesn’t mean you have to fall victim to the January blues!

    The indulgent meals, gift-giving, and get-togethers with family have been left behind, but that’s a good thing. After the social whirl of the festive season, January isn’t a time to feel down – it’s an opportunity to simplify, and get back to the fundamentals of life.

    If December is all about others, this can be the month to start focusing on you.

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  • Anne's Story: See how TURMERIC+ helped Anne pursue her passions

    Anne Evans Banner

    When your passions in life revolve around being active, looking after yourself becomes vitally important, especially as we get older. This is how dressage and fitness enthusiast Anne Evans came to discover the power of turmeric. Anne, aged 57 from Cirencester, has been riding horses for 20 years as well as having a keen interest in gardening. Despite Anne leading an active lifestyle, she began to find her joints were not quite what they used to be.

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  • World Arthritis Awareness Day: 12th October

    October 12th marks World Arthritis Day.  The day aims to raise awareness of the importance of early diagnosis and timely access to treatment. Early diagnosis is key to preventing further damage, but rheumatoid and musculoskeletal diseases (RMDs) often receive delayed diagnosis.

    According to the NHS Choices, there are several ways you can minimise the impact and discomfort that arthritis causes.

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  • World Heart Day: Eat your way to a healthy heart

    Eye Health Banner Top 5

    This week marks World Heart Health Day so we're giving our top tips to eat your way to a healthy heart.

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  • National Eye Week reports that half of all sight loss is avoidable

    Eye Health Banner

    This week is National Eye Health Week.  According to Vision Matters, the organisers of Eye Health Week,  half of the 2 million cases of people suffering with sight loss in the UK, are avoidable.

    A sight test can detect early signs of conditions like glaucoma, which can be treated if found soon enough. During a sight test, other health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure may be detected.

    Key to maintaining healthy vision, are regular eye tests and a healthy diet. Yet, awareness of the link between diet and good eye health is low – a recent survey found 60% of people living in the UK had no idea that what they eat can affect the health of their eyes.

    Here is our run down of top foods to eat to maintain healthy vision.

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