Joint pain, boswellia and bioavailability

The Sun recently featured an interesting story on Boswellia. We recommend you take a look to find out why scientists are so excited about this amazing natural ingredient, and how people might benefit from it.

Boswellia is an extract harvested from the Indian Frankincense tree. It is the basis for COOL JOINTS+, the newest supplement in our Joint Health range, which has been specially formulated to make the active ingredient even more effective. 

How have we improved on the natural ingredient? It’s all about absorption. Improve that, and you can create a superior supplement that gives clearer results for researchers and better outcomes for the people who take it.

More of the good stuff

A supplement is only helpful if the active ingredient can be absorbed by your body. Once it reaches your bloodstream, it can begin to take effect.

Some substances are easier to absorb than others – we call this ‘bioavailability’. In general, macronutrients such as carbohydrates are easy to absorb, while helpful micronutrients like vitamins are less easy.

Many of our products are based on the principle of improving bioavailability. Dr Miriam Ferrer, head of product development here at FutureYou, explains:

‘The most common ways to increase bioavailability are the delivery method, choice of ingredients, and formulation.’

‘Delivery method was important to creating our omega-3 supplements, for example, which uses a liquid capsule – this is known to be superior to a tablet in this case. For our magnesium supplement, we decided to use magnesium lactate rather than the more common magnesium oxide, as it is more bioavailable.’

‘For Boswellia, however, we needed to do something special. The boswellic acids that help to keep joints cool and comfortable are particularly difficult for the body to absorb because they are not water soluble, so we have used phytosome technology, combining them with lecithin. This prevents them from being broken down in the digestive system – meaning more will reach the bloodstream.

‘The lecithin ensures that the active ingredients of boswellia reaches optimal levels both in the plasma and the tissues.  We have shown that this component allows the boswellia to get where it needs to go to produce the cooling effects, and at the right amounts, which is very exciting. Studies are ongoing, but we’re very pleased with the results we have achieved so far.’

We will share results on our blog and website as they appear. In the meantime, why not take a look at our Knowledge Centre to find out more about boswellia? You can find out more on our dedicated page.

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