FutureYou in the news – lycopene and fertility in today’s Mail

You may have seen a story about the rise of male infertility in today’s Daily Mail. We’re connected to it thanks to our patented LactoLycopene complex, which is currently being studied for its effects on sperm quality.

The story discusses a recent study at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem that found a 59.3% reduction in average sperm count among western men since 1973. As a result, male fertility issues are now common, but infertility specialists still tend to focus on female reproductive issues when a couple struggles to conceive. As the journalist shows, this can lead to unnecessary IVF treatments for women, and tremendous emotional pain when there are possible solutions to boost sperm quality and increase the chance of conception.

Conceiving against the odds

The Mail talked to couples that have struggled to conceive, including one man who switched to a healthy Mediterranean diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables. The theory is that the DNA in sperm is damaged by ‘free radicals’, and that consuming plenty of antioxidants such as lycopene (found in tomatoes) can help to prevent this. Three months after beginning his antioxidant-rich diet, the man’s sperm quality had improved enough that he was considered fertile.

Our new supplement, FERTILITY+, contains highly bioavailable lycopene to replicate this effect. In fact, the article interviews male fertility expert Professor Alan Pacey from the University of Sheffield about a study he is conducting to establish the effect of lycopene on sperm quality.

Professor Pacey and his team chose to use our patented lycopene formulation, LactoLycopene, to conduct the study because it is far more easy for the body to absorb than standard lycopene. As a result, they expect to see clearer results.

You can find the whole story at MailOnline.

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