Cut down on those late winter colds!

Streaming nose, achy joints, a hacking cough – we think colds are the worst part of winter. But for some of us, a winter illness isn’t just unpleasant and irritating. It can be life-threatening.

The over-65s, pregnant women and those with underlying health or immune system illnesses are vulnerable to flu, and serious complications such as pneumonia. So it’s good to hear that the winter flu outbreak is about to diminish.

But it will be a while before warm weather drives away the winter bugs for good. So why not take one simple step to protect yourself?

Immune response

Whether you want to fight the sniffles – or protect yourself from something more serious – keeping up your vitamin C levels can help.

If you are deficient in vitamin C, your defence against illness is significantly weaker. That’s because the T-cells which shape your responses to bacteria and viruses, and the phagocytes which destroy harmful bacteria, both depend on vitamin C¹. There is also some evidence that you will recover more quickly² from a cold if you increase your level of vitamin C.

Unfortunately, the body is unable to store vitamin C, so you need to get the full recommended amount from your diet every day.

The good news is that IMMUNITY+ is back in stock! This supplement gives you a daily boost of vitamin C, plus zinc to keep the immune system strong. As always, we’ve specially formulated this supplement to make sure your body can absorb more of the active ingredients.

Perhaps, like us, you want to pack the handkerchiefs away for another year. Maybe you’re in an at-risk group – or spend a lot of time with someone in an at-risk group – and need to support your immune system. Either way, the science says that a couple of easy-to-swallow tablets can help.

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