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  • Do you know your cholesterol level?

    Everyone over 40 should have a mental note of their cholesterol level in the same way we all know our bank pin number, according to the latest advice from Public Health England (PHE).

    But how do you find out your cholesterol level and what is a normal cholesterol level?

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  • Joint pain, boswellia and bioavailability

    The Sun recently featured an interesting story on Boswellia. We recommend you take a look to find out why scientists are so excited about this amazing natural ingredient, and how people might benefit from it.

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  • Cut down on those late winter colds!

    Streaming nose, achy joints, a hacking cough – we think colds are the worst part of winter. But for some of us, a winter illness isn’t just unpleasant and irritating. It can be life-threatening.

    The over-65s, pregnant women and those with underlying health or immune system illnesses are vulnerable to flu, and serious complications such as pneumonia. So it’s good to hear that the winter flu outbreak is about to diminish.

    But it will be a while before warm weather drives away the winter bugs for good. So why not take one simple step to protect yourself?

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  • World Heart Day: Eat your way to a healthy heart

    Eye Health Banner Top 5

    This week marks World Heart Health Day so we're giving our top tips to eat your way to a healthy heart.

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  • National Eye Week reports that half of all sight loss is avoidable

    Eye Health Banner

    This week is National Eye Health Week.  According to Vision Matters, the organisers of Eye Health Week,  half of the 2 million cases of people suffering with sight loss in the UK, are avoidable.

    A sight test can detect early signs of conditions like glaucoma, which can be treated if found soon enough. During a sight test, other health conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure may be detected.

    Key to maintaining healthy vision, are regular eye tests and a healthy diet. Yet, awareness of the link between diet and good eye health is low – a recent survey found 60% of people living in the UK had no idea that what they eat can affect the health of their eyes.

    Here is our run down of top foods to eat to maintain healthy vision.

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  • 1 in 8 of us are Vitamin D deficient

    An EU-funded project providing the first internationally comparable data has found that an estimated 1 in 8 (13%) of the EU population are vitamin D deficient.

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