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  • January is the time for you

    Christmas is over, and it’s a shock to the system. But that doesn’t mean you have to fall victim to the January blues!

    The indulgent meals, gift-giving, and get-togethers with family have been left behind, but that’s a good thing. After the social whirl of the festive season, January isn’t a time to feel down – it’s an opportunity to simplify, and get back to the fundamentals of life.

    If December is all about others, this can be the month to start focusing on you.

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  • We put our Omega-3 to the test

    Krill Oil Banner FutureYou

    We know that our KRILL OIL is a highly concentrated omega 3 supplement. But what about the things our customers really want to know; how much of it is actually absorbed into the body? How quickly does it work? And what results could we expect to see in eight weeks.

    Armed with some harsh critics (the FutureYou team), some blood test kits and an eight week supply of FutureYou KRILL OIL, we put our product to the test.

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  • Secrets to a healthy winter

    Winter can be the start of sniffles, colds and worse, but it doesn't have to be! Although when the temperature drops you're statistically more likely to fall ill, there are a few simple steps we can all take to help ward off those nasty bugs
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