Turmeric makes gardening easy kneesy for Dawn



As every keen gardener knows, kneeling down is part and parcel of the job, so it is essential to be able to comfortably bend your knees.

Being an enthusiastic horticulturist, it is only fitting that Dawn Schier has discovered the power of turmeric, a root spice that is commonly grown in southern India.

'My interest in gardening was inherited from my father,' recounted Dawn, 'My Dad had an allotment and it was there that I inherited his passion for growing fruit and vegetables. For our family, it became part of an everyday healthy lifestyle that we all enjoyed.'

'When I got married and left home, it seemed only natural that I would get an allotment of my own and carry on the gardening tradition.'

After starting to notice her knees were not as flexible as they used to be and preventing her from gardening, Dawn decided to act. It was this decision that led her to Turmeric+ from FutureYou, a joint supplement developed by Cambridge Nutraceuticals.

The spice turmeric has long been popular in traditional Indian medicine and is recognised as one of nature’s superfoods. A member of the ginger family, it is rich in compounds called curcuminoids and is now attracting the attention of scientists, nutritionists and healthcare professionals looking for ways to improve our joint health and flexibility.



After first reading about the potential health benefits of Turmeric+ in her newspaper, Dawn said, 'Although I eat a healthy diet take plenty of exercise, I was finding even walking around the block caused discomfort, so I decided I needed to find something else to provide a helping hand.'

'I had been using glucosamine, however it was not having any effect, so I started taking Turmeric+ in September last year.'

'I was amazed at the benefits it delivered in only a few weeks. It was the only change I made to my lifestyle, so there was no other explanation for the dramatic improvement.'

Dawn is now able to fully enjoy her lifelong hobby to its full potential again, growing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

Whilst she reaps the benefits of all she grows, her favourite is asparagus. Dawn said, 'I specialised in growing asparagus some while ago and the other allotment holders have nicknamed me the Asparagus Queen'.

'I love working in my allotment, it provides a good social life, but most importantly it’s where I feel completely relaxed and can enjoy some time to myself.'

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