Lifestyle tips to boost men's heart health

Heart health can be a touchy subject. For men, it's a taboo that needs to be broken. Check out these easy lifestyle tips to give yourself the edge. For a lot of men, even talking about health issues can be difficult. In a culture that praises the virtues of stoicism and endurance, it’s often easy to ignore the facts in favour of protecting the old ego. To put it mildly, this is very silly. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the hands-down biggest killer of men in the UK is heart disease. It isn’t even close, with 15% of male deaths in 2012 a result of heart disease, compared to just 7% caused by lung cancer, the next nearest competitor. We’ve taken a look at the seven leading risk factors contributing to heart disease across the board, things to avoid, but what about things you can do? For those who want to take a more active stance in the fight for men’s cardiovascular health, here are some concrete steps to take.

Easy wins for men’s heart health

Singing has been proven to provide a boost to men’s heart health in very real terms. The University of Gothenburg, Sweden, conducted a study highlighting its benefits as an aerobic activity which exercises major upper-body muscle groups and boosts the flow of oxygen in your blood. Your significant other might not thank us for suggesting this, but blasting out a bit of Van Halen in the shower can help keep you clean inside and out! Cutting out traffic noise doesn’t just help you get your beauty sleep. Research in the European Heart Journal looked at those living in busy areas and found that noise from traffic can have an effect on heart health. Noise is, of course, not as significant as air pollution, but until you can leave the rat race behind and retire to a log cabin, wearing earplugs while you sleep gives you the edge. Chill out. Stress leads to all sorts of medical nastiness, and heart disease is no exception. Go for a relaxing swim, learn some simple relaxation or breathing exercises, even treat yourself to a massage once in a while. Even something as simple as a month spent regularly squeezing a tennis ball can cut blood pressure by up to 10%. Tweak your workout if you want to shift focus to heart health. Squats boost so-called ‘good cholesterol’ and if someone asks, ‘do you even lift, bro?’ Well, your answer should be yes. Lifting expands your blood vessels and contributes to higher arterial flexibility. Talk about it! We get it, you’re Superman, but even the Man of Steel knows better than to dance with kryptonite and, in terms of heart health, that’s what a lot of men are doing. For 50% of men with heart problems, a heart attack is the first warning they’ll acknowledge. By sharing tips and lifestyle improvements with others, you’re presenting a united front against the biggest killer of men this generation.

Ateronon and men’s cardiovascular health

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