Less is more: how much lycopene should your supplement contain?

Appearances can often be deceiving - even when it comes to heart-healthy lycopene supplements! That's why we're asking: "Does it matter how much lycopene your supplement contains?"

Every now and then, we at Future You Health HQ get asked why our ‘Tomato Pill’ contains 7 mg of antioxidant lycopene compared with other brands’ 10 mg or even 15 mg lycopene capsules.

Seems like a fair enough question, doesn’t it?

The thing is, adding twice as much lycopene to a capsule doesn’t mean it’s going to be twice as effective at boosting your heart health.

This is due to the fact that, although lycopene is an extremely powerful antioxidant that boasts many a heart-healthy benefit, it’s large, crystalline-like structure is actually very difficult for our bodies to absorb.

What this means is that whilst it’s great to consume lots of lycopene-packed foods and supplements, this lycopene (which isn't found naturally in our bodies) only benefits your heart health where it’s able to pass through your gut wall and be absorbed into your bloodstream.

That’s where our ‘Tomato Pill’s’ unique, patented, LactoLycopene formula comes into play!

Lycopene vs LactoLycopene

After many years spent working away in the laboratory, Ateronon’s team of super-intelligent scientists came up with what is now our ‘Tomato Pill’s' LactoLycopene formulation.

By combining whey protein with lycopene (along with some added nutrients - thiamine and selenium) this makes the lycopene in our ‘Tomato Pill’ much more (bioavailable) easily absorbable!

In fact, thanks to this special bioavailable formula, your body's able to absorb more lycopene from a 7mg tablet of Ateronon Heart than from even 25mg of other lycopene products on the market.

The fact is, it doesn’t matter how much lycopene your supplement contains. What matters is whether all that lycopene goodness has been formulated to be easily absorbed by the body (just like our trusty ‘Tomato Pill’) so that you can start feeling the benefits of your new heart-healthy regime as soon as possible.

Ateronon Heart and your heart health

Did you know that just one Ateronon Heart capsule contains the equivalent lycopene goodness of 1kg (2.2lb) of tomatoes?

The bioavailable nature of our 'Tomato Pill' has been widely tested. In one such study, volunteers taking Ateronon Heart showed an increase in lycopene blood levels of 60-100% within two months of starting taking our 'Tomato Pill'.

Such results have not been seen to this degree of efficacy in other, similar, lycopene-based products. Neither have any such products undergone as rigorous testing as our 'Tomato Pill'.

For even more information on the unique properties and benefits of LactoLycopene, take a look at this blog post on the difference between lycopene and LactoLycopene.

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